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DVD – Your trusty DVD source in Cyprus!

Everyone can find movies to watch on the internet but the real movie lovers would want to have them in their DVD collection as well. At Milliouni, we have curate a collection of DVDs from all over the world. With subtitles available in all languages, you can spend quality time with your family and friends without having to worry about the language of the movie. Find bestselling and box office movies as well as the latest in cartoons and animations for your little friends.

Discover the latest releases and get additional DVD features, all in one package. Choose your movie genre from Animation, Action & Adventures, SCI-FI, Musical, Comedy, Drama and Romance and enjoy an ultimate movie experience. Movies that will keep you on your toes, classic movies or even chick flicks are all worth your time since every movie is unique!

Complete your DVD collection with movies from Milliouni.