Tax Free Refund

If you are eligible for tax free shopping then you should state your Passport’s Country (Please do not include the Passport Number) and your Country of Residence in the Delivery information details box (you can find this box in the 3rd Step of the procedure-Shipping).  For the moment, Tax Free Refund is supported ONLY by the Seller "Ermes Department Stores PLC" and only for deliveries within Cyprus to citizens that live permanently outside the EE, in one of the following countries and want to export the products they bought.

Ermes Department Stores Plc (the Seller) cooperates with Global Blue Tax Free Shopping, which is available in the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Only persons who don’t reside in the respective country are eligible for VAT refund.

For EU countries, only persons who reside outside of EU are eligible for VAT refund. 

EU residents can purchase goods with Global Blue Tax Free Shopping in non – EU countries, e.g. Norway and Switzerland.

Please note that purchased goods must be available for Customs Authorities in original package. Otherwise they can refuse to provide you with customs stamp.

Please also note that only orders above 50 euro are eligible for tax free.


At the airport or port, go to the Customs desk and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, receipts and purchases to get a stamp on your form.
Goods should be kept available for inspection, unused and with the original receipts.


Go to the nearby desk or office displaying a Global Blue logo. In some cases this will be a currency exchange.
Present your stamped, completed Tax Free Form to receive the refund in cash or to your credit cards.
In a rush? Use the Global Blue mailbox located nearby most Customs offices, to mail your completed, stamped Tax Free Form and receipts back to Global Blue for a refund to your credit card. We recommend you add your email address to the Tax Free Form in case we need to contact you.
Refund paid is the VAT minus Global Blue’s service fee.

Completed Tax Free Forms which have been stamped by Customs can be sent to:

Standard and registered mail:
Global Blue P.O.BOX 363  810 00 Bratislava  Slovakia, Europe

For courier:
Global Blue, Prievozska 4D/Block E,  821 09 Bratislava,  Slovakia,  Europe

Early Refunds

Receive your refund early at any of our Dowtown Refund Offices: My Mall Limassol; Kings Avenue Mall Paphos, Debenhams Olympia Limassol, Spar ( Drosia)

Global Blue must receive your completed Tax-Free Form and receipts within 21 days of the purchase to avoid charges to your credit card, plus a penalty. For refunds with China UnionPay, the Form must be received within 15 days.

Before sending the documents, we advise that you make a copy of them, and write down Tax Free Form number (DOC ID) of each Form for your reference.

Please visit http://www.globalblue.com for more information.