Man Bag – The perfect carryall

When it comes to carrying things around; a man bag is exactly what you need. Whether you’re off to work, to the gym or even for a walk, you absolutely need a bag to carry your belongings. Choose from a wide variety of bags including Backpacks, Briefcase & laptop bags, Curry-ons & Luggage and Messenger Bags.
Are you on the run and going from café to Café with your laptop to get things going? Discover our hefty laptop bags that will make your life so much easier.

Are you heading to the gym and looking for a bag to carry your change of clothes and shoes in? A wide variety of backpacks and gym bags will have you covered.
Or is it time for a walk around the city strip just to relax? Carry your essentials in a convenient messenger bag that will fit almost anything you can think of!

Pick your favourite Man Bag from different colours, styles and brands from our Men’s Bag collection right below.